SYScoin Electrum wallet not working. How to export seed phrase from Trezor?

Hi all,

A few months ago I connected a fresh electrum wallet for Syscoin to the Trezor as it is de only solution to use SYS with Trezor. But now the electrum wallet is not conencting to the network anymore.

I already tried this:

  • Opened ports in my modem/router
  • Disabled Windows Defender security
  • Downloaded a different version (Standard instead of Portable)
  • Installed TOR browser

It did not solve the issue…
So I tried to find help:

So far no luck and it seems the electrum wallet is going to be updated anytime soon.

As far as I know the seed is saved on the Trezor, right? Thus my question is: how do I export the seed phrase from the Trezor for SYS only so I can use a different wallet?

I hope someone here can help me out.


you only have one seed which backs up private keys for all your coins. There is no specific seed for each coin. Please be aware you are putting yourself into risk when entering the seed to a hot wallet as your seed may get compromised.

You mention they should update the wallet anytime soon, this could possibly solve the issue. Maybe it is better to wait for the update and try it again.