Suite for Web (vs Desktop)

Hi there. I have been using Trezor Suite for web via the site rather than downloading the desktop app. I have two questions relating to this:

  1. I don’t ever remember downloading Bridge - if I am using it without bridge, is that a problem? Could any funds be unsafe due to this?

  2. Is the suite via web safe? I am nervous about switching to the desktop version because I am comfortable with web so I have kept using it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Soprano

  1. I assume you are using Chrome as this browser uses WebUSB - API used for providing access to USB devices from web pages. That’s why you don’t have to use Trezor Bridge.
    Not using Trezor Bridge can’t affect safety of your funds anyhow however it is recommended to ensure smooth communication.

Note: you can always check if your Bridge is running /and what version) using following link:

  1. Trezor Suite web version is definitely safe as long as you respect security best practices such as creating a bookmark so you won’t fall for phishing sites.

Thanks so much for the speedy response. Yes, I am using Chrome and have the site bookmarked

  • Is there any way I can check the Trezor site is real even if I have linked from the bookmark?

  • Would you recommend switching to desktop? if so is it easy to transfer over from web? Any potential/issues or dangers?

Thx again

Hi @Soprano,
the only genuine domain is However, we definitely suggest using the desktop Trezor Suite application, as it protects you against phishing scammers the best.
Please download it from this source
It is as simple as accessing the web wallet - you just connect Trezor to your computer, open the Trezor Suite application and follow the prompts.

Thanks a lot!

I read somewhere that some wallets can only be seen on the desktop. Is there a danger that I may not see my finds if I switch from web suite to desktop suite? And if so, how do I avoid that? Thx.

@Soprano You will certainly not lose access to your coins if you switch to using the desktop Trezor Suite. Actually in Trezor Suite you can use more coins natively.

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Just received this DM from the Trezor team on Twitter:

You need to use Bridge at all times. It is NOT safe to use your Trezor device without it.

I assume this is incorrect/misleading?

Just want to double check given how important this is.

Many thx

You may have been contacted by a scammer - Trezor team never sends DMs. Was there any link included in the message they sent you? Did anyone ask you for any sensitive information, such as your recovery seed?

I messaged the official Trezor Twitter account (before posting here)

No sensitive information was shared. It’s definitely the official account - I think the social team are giving out incorrect advice.

Can you connect with them?


They responded to the DM I sent them. They didn’t proactively contact me

Could you please share with me your Twitter account? If you don’t feel comfortable posting it publicly, you can send me a DM. We couldn’t find any message regarding this topic. Thanks!

Hey. This site won’t let me DM you. Happy to email you my Twitter handle. Just let me know where best to send it.


@Soprano I sent you two direct messages, do you see them? You should be able to reply to those.


Disclaimer: I’m not that tech savvy. I setup my wallet on the desktop app without going onto the web suite. the wallet on the web suite is not showing any balance. How do I sync the web suite to the app? What am I doing wrong?


Your coins aren’t in your wallet, Trezor is just a key to your wallet accounts on the blockchains.

Make sure you enable the same coins on Trezor suite for web that you have enabled in the desktop version. Then turn off Remember, if it’s enabled, so Suite may run a Discovery on the blockchains for your coins.

Also, make sure you have the latest version of Trezor Bridge installed on your computer when you use Trezor suite for web, if you don’t use the Chrome browser. The desktop version already include Bridge, therefore you don’t need to install Bridge if you only use the desktop version.

There’s no sync process between Trezor Suite for desktop and its web version. When you go to the web page and connect your Trezor, then login with PIN and Passphrase (if used), then your accounts should be displayed.

Also note what MichalZ says above.