Such a noob cant connect my wallet to trading platform

im pretty new to all this self-custody stuff, I have set up my Trezor model T, and deposited some funds onto my platform, but how do I register my trezor with the platform so I can maintain custody

It requires an addreess,like an email how do i locate this , or is it just my normall address…so confused

any suggestions please

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don’t really understand you I’m afraid.
Been using trezor for sometime and email addresses doesn’t come into it. (not for me anyway)

what ‘platform’ are you talking about? What cryptocurrency types you going for.
Need much more info to give any sort of answer.

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Like I said …such a noob :laughing:
Im trading on an Australian platform…swyftx
Ive completed the set up , and i thought i would just plug it in and transfer it , but it dosnt seem to be the case

Unfortunately i cant offer any more information then that as irs all at home atm and im away

Im a first time user of a trezor so i dont really understand much about the process and how you transfer funds back and forth from one to the other

I think the platform needs to recognise it so it knows where to place the funds i guess

Anything you can tell me might help thanks for the reply

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Trezor have provided all the info you should need:

trezor dot io slash learn

Sorry links for me have been disabled.

Just read up on it. Don’t transfer stuff unless you know what your doing.
Else it’ll likely end in tears.

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