Stylus pen for Trezor Model T

Hello all,

I recently bought a Trezor Model T and have a hard time hitting the right numbers when I enter my PIN number so I’m looking for a pen or stylus to use instead of my finger. I’ve tried a couple of styluses I have for my cell phones Samsung Galaxy Note S2 and S10, but they didn’t work.

Do you know which type of stylus or pen that works with the screen on Trezor Model T?
If so, I’d be happy for a brand name and/or a link to it on Internet.

I think I’ve found something in the Trezor docs here - Model T - Trezor Firmware - where it says the Model T has a capacitive screen. So I guess any stylus pen which works on capacitive screens will work on Model T too, like this one - - but it’d be nice if someone could confirm that.


yes, stylus should work. I am not sure if the one you mention will do the job, but I found one of the Trezor Model T users used this specific one successfully:

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Thanks, @kolin, I will try that one then (once it becomes available again on Amazon).
Perhaps Satoshi Labs could sell a compatible stylus pen in their shop too? :slight_smile:


Looks like I am getting another feedback from you today :slight_smile: Will share this with the team. Thank you for your inputs!

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I also use this one and works very well…