Stuck TRX on Trezor

Hi everyone,

I’m an owner of a Trezor device and back in 2018 somehow I’ve managed to get TRX tokens into my trezor (I really do not remember the procedure I’ve followed).

Now what I would like is to transfer those tokens to a Kraken wallet, I understand from my reading that I need to use ERC20, however I’m stuck at the moment of trying to send the tokens as it seems not possible from the trezor UI.

Is there a way I can do this transfer of my TRX from trezor to Kraken wallet?

Many thanks and sorry in advance if this is not in the right forum section

Hi @neskk,

What type of error do you receive when you try to send the Tron (TRX) to Kraken?

Note that you must generate a receive address on Kraken on the Ethererum network, beause ERC-20 tokens are on the Ethereum blockchain.

You must also have ETH available in the same wallet as your TRX resides in Trezor, to cover the transactions fees which will be drawn from that account when you use the Ethereum network. These fees are not anything Trezor or SatoshiLabs draw, but Kraken collects for the Ethereum network itself.

Also make sure you use the correct TRX contract address, if asked on Kraken.

Thanks so much for answering @Petosiris , I’ve successfully sent 28 TRX to the ETH kraken address, but they I cannot see them on my kraken account, on Etherscan I see the transaction as approved. Can it be that the amount is too small?

On Trezor UI I did not see anything about TRX contract address though

@neskk if you used correct deposit address from Kraken, then you should contact them or wait, sometimes it can take a bit longer

Thank you, I’ve contacted and they are on it. I’ve done a similar transaction to a Binance address and I can successfully see the tokens. I’ll wait to Kraken support to try to get my lost tokens in the meantime.