Stuck on the "signing transaction" Step [dust issue]


I have a concerning problem using Trezor ONE and Trezor Suite.

Standard wallet created and have funds loaded.

Setup a hidden wallet and send a small test transaction of BTC from standard wallet, it works.

Send other coins across and they all transact properly.

Go back to send the remainder of the BTC and the transaction gets stuck at Signing Transaction.

I tried on 2 separate computers with fresh download of Trezor Suite. No Custom home screen used.

As a last resort, I use a brand new previously unopened 2nd Trezor ONE device to install fresh firmware for the first time and recover my wallet and try again, still gets stuck at Signing Transaction. Only happens with BTC.

I have created a ticket.

What is the solution for me to regain control of my coins as I currently cannot move them?
Does not seem correct.
Thank you in advance.

@pavel @Petosiris I have successfully transferred out of the wallet but had to use two transactions and one different wallet. I’m trying to understand the technical reasons behind this more than anything. Maybe transaction fees have a bug in the UI of Suite? It always seems to get stuck on the Hardware Signing at that point with an Amber light.


Possibly, this could be considered as a dust issue.

At the moment, our wallet doesn’t allow users to control their UTXOs, however, it’s possible to use the Electrum wallet in combination with Trezor to take control over your UTXOs. Download Electrum wallet from Electrum Bitcoin Wallet.

Once you download and log into the wallet using your Trezor, take a control of this dust by following instructions available from How to spend specific UTXOs in Electrum – Bitcoin Electrum.

The user can transfer their funds to a new wallet leaving the dust where it is.

Optionally, they can to send the dust to the address which is not in any way connected to their identity. For instance, it can send to a bogus Bitcoin address such as this one: 1BitcoinEaterAddressDontSendf59kuE

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