Stuck on signing tx

Hi @RaeW
We provide support only email support.
Please submit an issue using this form and get back to me with ticket ID so I can prioritize your issue as we are facing very high traffic these days thus our first response time is longer.

Thank you for your response. I submitted a ticket, but have not received a confirmation of it.

I have listed the problem in the forum, headed STUCK ON SIGNING TRANSACTION ON TREZOR T SCREEN - CANNOT SEND.

My first ticket didn’t appear to lodge. I have now re-lodged. Ticket number 87912.

Thanks in advance.

Hello. Please see the appeals Ticket ID: 89661 and Ticket ID: 89694

Hi @Army

Please, see this post explaining the issue [INFO] How to resolve "Device detected in incorrect state"

Hello, I’m not sure whether your response was meant to assist me, but resolving “Device detected in incorrect state”, is not my problem.


Can someone address that please? Ticket number 87912.

Thank you

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Thanks for your message of August 1st.

I have sent in a Ticket - Ticket number 87912. But have not had any response. My issue is that my Trezor device gets stuck on SIGNING TRANSACTION on the Trezor T screen and will not move to the next step - SEND.

I have had one response, but it is not relevant to my issue.

Thank you

Are you able to assist me please?

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Hi @RaeW,

What is the coin type you’re trying to send?
Is it a lot of small transactions in your wallet?
Do you have a custom Home screen installed on Trezor?
Do you send mining transactions directly to your Trezor wallet?

I’m not sure what to do, but sometimes sending with many transactions in the wallet use too much memory in the device. This is problematic when sending BTC or LTC, which use connected transactions as input. So changing the home screen back to a pre-installed one may help free up memory for the transaction to be signable.

It could also help to split up the transaction into smaller amounts, if it’s a big amount you try to send.

I’ll look for more possible answers.

By the way, did you have this same problem before? The reason I ask is because that ticket may be important to this case too. You should post your ticket ID in that thread so Community support see it and can prioritize your issue.

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Thank you so much for your response. In answer to your questions and suggestions:

I am trying to send BTC.

They are mainly large transactions.

I do not know what you mean by a 'custom Home screen installed on Trezor". It is a Trezor T and comes with a screen. I had not modified it.

Again, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘send mining transactions directly’. I do send directly to my Trezor and have been doing so for several months. These problems have only occurred since the Trezor Suite has rolled out.

In order to send the specific transaction that I originally wanted to send, I broke it into 3, after numerous times of turning my computer on and off, clearing the cache and beginning over, I successfully sent it to my sister’s Trezor; and she sent it in one movement successfully.

My ticket number is 87912. I have not had a response to it yet.

Thank you again.

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Hi @RaeW,

Thank you for these answers.

It’s possible to personalize your Trezor homescreen, but if you didn’t modify it then this isn’t an issue here. These homescreens may use more memory in your Trezor, so signing transactions later may fail because of too little memory.

What I meant by sending mining transactions directly to Trezor, was that if you’re mining BTC in a mining pool and have set up the rewards in sats to be sent directly to a receive address in your Trezor wallet, the wallet will receive a lot of small amounts. Hardware wallets like Trezor aren’t meant to be a receiver of so many small transactions of Bitcoin. Instead, people who utilize mining should accumulate the sats rewards in a software wallet or exchange account until the amount is larger and then transfer that amount to the hardware wallet.

Why is many small transactions of BTC type bad for a Trezor? Because, unlike Ethereum, which adds/subtracts transactions from the total in the blockchain, BTC retains all transactions separately so that the total can be calculated from them. This also means all the connected transactions to a Bitcoin must be transmitted together with the amount when you send it and this may be a problem with the memory if there are many transactions to send.

Therefore I think your problem, when the signing is stuck, is because there are too many connected transactions to the BTC you try to send. Memory inside Trezor fills up before it can load all the transactions it needs to send as inputs to the verification process.

When you split up the BTC by sending smaller amounts of BTC at a time, fewer transactions will follow that amount as input for verification and hence the memory isn’t overloaded.

That’s why you can send small amounts but not large amounts of Bitcoin. I think. :slight_smile:

See also: Bitcoin Change Addresses and What is UTXO?

About the other thread I asked if you had the same problem in - @NIYAK asked for your Ticket ID there 16 days ago. It’s unfortunate that you haven’t received a reply on your ticket yet, but they have a standard reply time of upto 20 days. If you want to speed up your ticket process you should post your Ticket ID in the thread - or send it on PM/DM directly to the Community support representative who asks for it.

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Thank you so much for your detailed response.

I will try again with smaller transactions.

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No problem, RaeW, just happy to help. :slight_smile:

Edit: It’s possible to avoid the problem in the future by moving your BTC into another account somewhere in smaller amounts and accumulate them there, then move the larger sum back to Trezor. Also, try to avoid transferring many small amounts to your Trezor, if possible.

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I have the same problem. Stuck on the "signing transaction" Step


Can you transfer smaller amounts?
Or please tell us more about the problem.

Edit: I see you cross-posted in another thread, so we’ll address the issue there.

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@Petosiris Thank you, yes please reply there.

You’re in good hands there already, I see. :slight_smile:

I have the exactly the same issue. I cannot sign transactions. Trezor T freezes and so does the suite. Please help!!!..Can’t move my BTC.

I cannot move any amount of BTC from my wallet.

I do NOT have a personalized screen installed

I’ve read this could be dust…and may need to download Electrum wallet…can you please …please assist with this…thank you.

SatoshiLabs Group ticket created - Stuck Signing transaction. - Ticket ID: 91795

Hi @Freedm2993 Thank you for providing ticket ID.
We will answer your ticket ASAP.

Hi, I’ve been attempting to exchange my BTC for ETH, but the Trezor will not complete the transaction, and is stuck on ‘signing transaction’. I’ve tried multiple times with both the Trezor suite app and website, and neither work. This is extremely aggravating, my ticket is 95681, I’d appreciate if I could get this resolved so I can buy ETH!

Hi @adamj,

See if this post may help you.