Stuck at signing transaction


I was trying to move several coins from my Trezor to the exchange; however, the trezor was stuck at “signing transaction”. I had to split the transaction into several smaller transactions to complete the transfer. Anything over 4 BTC would not complete the signing process after several attempts.

Any thoughts on this?


is it possible you had a lot of small transactions in your wallet? Sometimes when you have too many small transactions and then you want to send larger amount which includes too many transactions, it gets stuck due to hardware limitations. Also do you use a custom homescreen?

When purchases were made, they were done in small transactions; however, when they were moved to the Trezor they were done at in larger transfers (greater than 1). I do have a custom Home Screen. Has that been linked to issues?

Thanks for the response!

Yes, this is most likely the issue. Custom screen probably has too big size limiting the memory for signing larger transactions. I suggest to use preinstalled screen.

Hi Kolin. I also came across the same issue. I have 10 BTC wallets and I’m Stuck at “signing transaction” for only one of the wallets. I have many smaller transactions in on the other trezor BTC wallets but not on the that particular wallet which is causing issues. I have never setup an custom home-screen etc. Do I have to factory reset the trezor or can you suggest an alternative? Thanks in advance

If you are dealing with dust issue, all you need to do is to avoid spending these UTXOs.

At the moment, our wallet doesn’t allow users to control their UTXOs, however, it’s possible to use the Electrum wallet in combination with Trezor to take control over your UTXOs. Download Electrum wallet from Electrum Bitcoin Wallet.

Once you download and log into the wallet using your Trezor, take a control of this dust by following instructions available from How to spend specific UTXOs in Electrum – Bitcoin Electrum.

Then, you can transfer your funds to a new wallet (or to an exchange) leaving the dust where it is.