String overflow error

I’m using Firefox + Metamask + my Trezor. I’ve updated the firmware but now when I try to do transactions/signings I only get error message that says “String overflow”. Can someone please help me out?

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Hi, having the same problem. Looks like it is related to the latest update of Metamask. Downgraded my Metamask on Firefox and it is working (downgraded to Metamask 10.7.0).

Downloaded earlier Metamask version from here: MetaMask version history - 25 versions – Add-ons for Firefox (en-US)

Hope it helps…

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Thanks. I re-installed Metamask and there was another firmware update so now it works

i am having the exact same issue. ive noticed with eth and avax that seems to be the ones giving me this issue. ive tried on the BSC and it works ok, most of the time.
is there a direct link to download the 10.7.0 version? i tried the one in here and it didnt work for me.