Strange bug appeared suddenly on new laptop

Hi, the trezor is working well on other computers, and -was- working fine as of two days ago on this new laptop, but seemingly out of the blue any transaction I do gets a popup of

“Transaction (number) failed! Error:Unknown message.”
The pairing seems a bit wonkier. (in that I get the choose from devices / pair devices screen despite it already being paired, generally i think it would default to going to the next screen)

This is using it through metamask in each instance.
I disabled passcode, I tried other browsers, it was working two days ago, I even tried reinstalling windows but something seems to have set it off - still works fine on other computers. Really not sure what triggered it on this laptop, annoying as I was going to travel with it and will have to use the old one now.

can you share a screenshot of the message? Is it unknown address error?

Install latest MM and update your Trezor firmware, let me know if you are using passphrase.

transaction rejected

I disabled passphrase, am using newest metamask

have you set up the passphrase before and used that hidden wallet? If yes, then you have to turn it back on and enter exactly same passphrase

also, update your Trezor firmware and update MM itself

I am experiencing the same problem since today, and Metamask + Trezor One worked 2 days ago.

It is happening on Etherscan and on various applications… any suggestions on how to debug this?

I am not using a passphrase.

Hello, As of a few hours ago I am no longer able to complete any transactions on any Trezor wallets that I have imported into Metamask extension. I assume this is due to the new metamask update. I did a few TX today and now all the sudden I am getting Transaction Failed! Error: Unexpected message.

I did try to do a send through the trezor suite and that worked, however anything through the metamask wallet will not work.

I checked with another owner of a trezor wallet and he had the same issue. We are both using trezor model T.

I have not updated my firmware and would ideally like to avoid doing so if possible.

I’m sure many of these issues will continue to roll in.

Do you know what the issue is and will there be fix?

Thank you.

@hihihi @addom @nonsens3 update your Trezor firmware

do you have this issue specifically on ETH network, sending a transaction? Or are you using any Dapp, or any other network?

@forgi @nonsens3

i’ve only tried ETH but i’m getting the same type of error when trying to authorize transactions

I updated my fw it works now!

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I had the same problem! it shows unknown message, and only ETH network has this problem.

the solution has been posted, update your firmware please