Stolen ETH from Trezor One

Hello Everyone, for last few months I mined some parts of ETH. I used Nanopool and after reaching 0,05 ETH, they make payout to my wallet ETH adress… Now I look to eth scan and there was out transaction and now is on my adress 0 ETH… What the hell ? This happend when was my Trezor in the drawer, not connected and loged for many days. I did not confirm anything, any transaction on my Trezor and now is empty… It was about 600 dolars, not much money, but WTF ??? Seed is in my house and no one was at my house…

This is my Adress. On outcome adress is many little transaction during this day…

Please, give me some info, but i know, ETH is gone… time to change wallet ??


this most likely means your seed has been compromised and someone has an access to your wallet. If you still have any funds in the wallet, move them immediately away, wipe your trezor and create a new wallet with new seed. When initializing your device, make sure you access by typing it manually into the browser’s address bar. Don’t google search for it. You need to be sure, you are creating your new seed using our original website.

The exact same thing has happened to me but for 2.1 ether
will Trezor compensate because my trezor has not been connected for months

Please note we are not a bank and we don’t keep any sensitive information. We don’t keep your seed or your passphrase at all. If anyone has accessed your wallet, it means your seed was compromised by not securing it properly. Feel free to read the article about phishing attacks as you might have been a victim of such attack. There is really no possible way it would have been compromised on our end as we don’t have these data stored on our servers at all. Thank you for understanding.