Stolen Bitcoin from Coinbase Transferred to Trezor

I had a little over 2 Bitcoins stolen from my Coinbase account and have tracked them to this site. I have the address of the person who took them and the block they are in. How do I get my Bitcoins back?

Hi @Cheryltberg

I am sorry to read that :confused:
As of now, I wholeheartedly recommend you to contact the authorities (if you haven’t already) and report a theft.
I also recommend to contact Coinbase and change your login details.

Note: I will be closing this topic as it is not Trezor related.

To expand: It is very likely that the coins were not actually transfered to a Trezor.

Trezor runs publicly-visible blockchain explorer. You most likely found a link that looks like this: Trezor Bitcoin Explorer

The website has Trezor logo in the top left, because it is designed for Trezor users. However, you can view any existing Bitcoin transaction on this site. It does not indicate that the transaction went into a Trezor.
(You can also see the exact same transaction on Blockchain dot com, Blockcypher, and any other publicly available explorer.)

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