Step by step Coinbase BTC to Trezor Safe 3

Sorry so BASIC but I am looking for advice (video or trustworthy article also appreciated) on exact steps (in proper order) for transferring bitcoin to my Trezor Safe 3. Right now it lives on Coinbase and I’m scared to death to get started even though everyone says it’s easy. (I have my Trezor Safe 3 ready to go/all set up as far as I can tell.) THANKS in advance

I don’t use coinbase, so bare with me a bit.
But in your list of assets you should see BTC and an option to withdraw.
Go through the withdraw process and paste your trezor wallet (receive) address and process it.

If your concerned about getting it wrong, then you might have to send a small amount first to check it works as expected (although it’ll cost you twice as much to do this)

Just be sure to get the trezor address correct on the withdrawal process.
Also keep in mind that BTC transactions are slow and expensive. Slow as in hours to days (sometimes).

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Hi @margebess,

Check this article on our official webpage: Moving from Coinbase to Trezor

As @doge mentioned, it is highly suggested to try a small testing transaction first, if everything works as expected you can send the rest.

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THANK YOU so much!
I really appreciate it!

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This is great…can’t wait to read it and am grateful for the help!

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