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Previously I transferred Stellar Coins from Binance to Trezor One via Stellar Account Viewer … after a month I saw the account was inactive with no balance … what is happening now, I did not withdraw from trezor and please help solve the problem, thank you love.

hi @hairollah
if there is no previous transaction history and your Account Viewer Trezor account is empty then you are accessing different wallet (either because different seed/device is used or different passphrase is entered)
Could you check the receiving address from the previous transaction you mentioned (from Binance)?
Are the receiving addresses from that transaction and receiving address from account you are accessing matching ?

Thanks for your response. I am already reply your support Ticket ID 93680

I have proof of 2 transaction slips transferred from Binance to Account View Stellar amounting to 1989.0191-XLM

After making this transaction, I have seen the Stellar View Account there showing the amount transferred has been successful with the same amount.

Thank you

Thank you for providing ticket ID.
We will continue troubleshooting the issue via email.

Hi Michal

How the progress ticket ID: 93680

Thank you

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