Staking withdrawal not working

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I have staked ADA on my trezor model T and I want to stop Staking now, and withdraw my ADA. But the withdraw button ony staking window wont work! The button is gray not green! Is there a specefic time I have to wait before being able to wothdraw my ADA from the staking window?
Thank you! Would reallt appreceiate some help

Do you have any available rewards to withdraw?

Yes as mentioned directly in the wallet/account interface it can take up to 20 days until you start receiving your rewards.
Once you have some rewards available you will be able to withdraw it.

Tjank you Mr Michal for you response!,bit I’m not talking about the rewards! I’m talking about al my ADA thats being staked!

You are mixing two things together:

Withdrawing is basically claiming available rewards.

But from my understanding you want to un-stake your funds that has been dedicated to the pool.

Please note that in Trezor Suite there is no need to ever unstake, your coins are always liquid, you can move them any time!

Just click on Send button and send them elsewhere.

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When I try to withdraw my funds its says insuficient funds! But my funds show in my acount balance! Weird!

if the issue still persists please open a ticket via the need help bubble at
and post the ticket ID here as I will need to obtain screenshots or application log.
Thank you.