Staking with a metamaskwallet connected to trezor

Hey everyone

I have a question about the hardwarewallet. Why does I not have to valid every transaction (like swaping crypto on uniswap) when I connected my trezorwallet to Metamask? Ist it safe without validation

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Hi @Erlindb2

Are you sure that you are connected to Trezor, using addresses derived from the Trezor recovery seed?
I am asking as Trezor always asks you to confirm the transaction on the device so there is something wrong.

A video showing your issue would be very helpful.
Could you please submit a request using this form and get back to me with a ticket ID so we can examine the issue in more details.
Thank you.

Hey @MichalZ

Thanks a lot for answering!

I was able to solve the problem. I forgot to connect my MetaMask to the hardware wallet and transfer my funds to the generated hardwarewallets.

Have a nice day!

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