Staking ETH will happen in trezor?

Does Trezor team have plans to allow/create a bridge for users to stake ETH through the cold wallet itself, much like ledger is now allowing in conjuction with Lido?

Hi @Dulvi11

The coin itself is supported, just like any other ERC20 token

However, speaking of staking, I have no further information about implementing this so far.

Thanks Pavel for the reply.
I wish for trezor to implement that staking option as well, so I will not need to buy/use a new hardware.

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I see. Thanks for your feedback.

@pavel I agree with Dulvi11. This, alongside the greater number of cryptos supported on Ledger, could lead to Trezor users migrating to Ledger or other hardware wallets, particularly when it comes to obtaining staking rewards.

Trezor wallets are good but if you guys don’t keep up with this dynamic space, you’ll lose market share.

I look forward to seeing more major cryptos (e.g. SOL, DOT, VET, IOTA, et al.) and more staking options on a Trezor wallet (even if it is just the Model T to begin with) in the near future.


Crypto Logic

@CryptoLogic we value your feedback!
Though currently our main focus is on improving Trezor Suite and implementing new features there. Feel free to check our roadmap!

Not sure about Trezor, but I use bRing to stake. It’s worth staking any amount of crypto if you don’t plan on needing it immediately. It’s free money that is paying you for your patience.