Staked ETH Coins on Trezor Suite


after the recent incidents at your biggest competitor, I don’t trust their device anymore and I am looking for a new alternative. I am currently looking at the Model T.

I want to primary use this hardware wallet to hold rETH from Rocketpool and stETH from Lido. After using the coin search on your homepage I could find these tokens but they are marked as not supported. However I also read that you support all ERC-20 tokens in your Trezor Suite. Now I am a little bit confused what it really means.

For me following requirements are important:

  • The above mentioned coins should be supported by Trezor Suite, not any 3rd party wallet, that can be connected by a bridge. I don’t like that, because it adds unnecessary instances that can fail and leak your keys.
  • Be able to receive and send these coins using the Trezor Suite
  • Be able to track current value of the coins in USD using the Trezor Suite

I am looking forward to your feedback whether the Trezor Model T is recommended for my purpose. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Overflow,

Both Rocket ETH (rETH) and Token stETH (stETH) are ERC-20 tokens, which means they are compatible with Trezor Suite for storage.

See how to store ERC-20 tokens on Trezor.

You only need to use Trezor Bridge if you use the web version of Trezor Suite. When you use the desktop version then bridge is included in the software.


Thanks for your answer, sounds good. But how about my second and third requirement. Will I be able to send these tokens out of the Trezor Desktop Suite directly preconditioned I have enough ETH in the Trezor wallet? Is there an overview with the current price in USD/EUR inside the Suite?

Yes, you can send ERC-20 tokens out of your Trezor wallet if tou have enough ETH for the transfer fee.

I don’t know … never seen that, or tried to look for it in Trezor Suite. I can check.
But there are several currency calculators online. Here are a couple of examples:

Google Currency Converter
Xe Currency Converter

Edit: You can change the FIAT currency inside Trezor Suite, but there’s no way to see both EUR and USD at the same time, as far as I can see.

The selected currency will then be visible in the Dashboard and elsewhere in Suite.

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