Spam scam texts after order

Hi, just to let you know something strange happened to me. I ordered trezor this morning and I had problem to verify card payment from one bank I do use I was not getting prompt to confirm payment so payment was declined 2x. I then tried another card from another bank I use and payment went through with no problem. After couple hours I got 2 text messages on my phone one saying my first bank card account was frozen other from different number saying my card was restricted. Both had links to click on which I obviously did not click or use.
There may be some breach or something targeting people who do buy trezor as both messages came within hours of making purchase.
I checked with my banks through their websites and apps and none of my accounts or cards are restricted or frozen.

Never click on a link sent to you in text message posing as a text from your bank.

Hi @pat101,

Thanks for this report.

Did you order the Trezor device from SatoshiLabs directly or an authorized dealer?

Those messages you received on your phone, were they from your bank? If so, have you contacted your bank through other channels (than clicking on the link in those messages) to verify if they sent them to you?

Some banks “protect” their customers by blocking transactions to crypto sites. Mostly online exchanges, but I guess the blacklist the banks compile also could include cold wallet merchant sites. So you may want to ask your bank if this was an attempt from them to “protect your interests” – if they were the one who sent you the messages.

I ordered from satoshilabs directly. First bank was supposed to send me prompt in my app to confirm purchase but it never appeared, perhaps site is blocked in that particular bank. I tried 2x then I went for other card witn another bank. That prompt came I confirmed and transaction went through.
Messages came as text to my phone first saying account was frozen - first bank with a link to click (I obviously did not) It came from strange mobile number I never get texts from my bank anyway so I went online and check account which was not frozen. Second text came from another strange number saying that my account was restricted again with a link to click (I did not) so I went to my app and checked and account is fine.
I wonder how could they know I made recent purchase and tried to scam me on both accounts…

As I said above, if you received messages that claimed to be from your bank, then please contact your bank on the phone/email or other method to a) confirm it was them who sent you text messages, and, if so, b) ask them if this was to protect you from crypto sites.

There is no need to contact them. None of the two banks I do use will ever send text message and absolutely never one with a link to click on. That is like banking 101 (no texts and absolutely no clickable links)

You should absolutely contact the banks, many banks have issues with crypto companies.

Checking with the bank is the first step, we need you to do that and confirm so we can look into it further.

We will contact you via email, expect. the email from our support.

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