Sort supported coins by natively supported vs. 3rd part supported ▫

Hello, for the URL below, it would be really helpful if you either allowed users to sort the coins by (1) those natively supported by the Trezor vs. those requiring a 3rd-party app or (2) break up the table in two, with one table showing only natively supported coins and the other showing coins supported by Trezor that require a 3rd part app.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that all the coins listed were natively supported by the Trezor itself. It was a surprise to find out that I had to use a 3rd party app for a popular coin like ADA.

Whether or not you end up doing the above, you should put an explanation just above the table of coins that helps people understand that in many cases, they’ll need to interact with a 3rd party app to store their coins. And also explain when they do this that their private keys NEVER leave the Trezor.

Thanks for considering.

Hi @packetpinger

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We will reconsider that. However, Trezor Suite listed should indicate whether it’s supported or not.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback.

Speaking of ADA, we are working on its implementation, see Trezor Suite Roadmap if you like Trezor · Suite · Roadmap 🔥 · GitHub