Solana transfer completed on binance not showing on Trezor

Hi Support,
I have bought some solana from binance and used the bep20 network to store on my ethereum trezor one address (only option given)
Binance confirm that the transaction is on the block chain and i do have the transaction id. I am not seeing it on the trezor one. From what I know now - I think because I used the wrong network and solana not supported on trezor one.

? is there anyway of me getting this back now or in the future (perhaps if trezor starts supporting network and or Solana?

thanks in advance

Use the similar method in this post to retrieve your coins

friends… after lot of efforts somehow I retrieved…

Step 1: Got a friend to put BNB in MetaMask as my kyc verification wasn’t done
Step 2: Used the gas fee to swap ETH to BNB
Step 3: Pushed BNB back to Binance on my friends wallet
Step 4: He swapped and sent to my Trezor using regular network

Thanks a lot for all your help and suggestions

@kools You’re welcome