SOLANA mistake, rookie mistake

I’ve made a major rookie mistake. I scourge myself daily. I pray that someone gives me a solution and I can throw my whip in the trash.
I sent the SOLANA coin to my TREZOR ONE from Binance. I confused the SOL listed with SOLANA. I have checked in bscscan that the movement was made but I do not know if there is a way to recover SOLANA and send it to Exodus or I have lost them permanently.
I will read your wise advice, thanks in advance

Hi @Vukovar

Thank you for providing your TxID.
Fortunately you have transferred your Solana onto BSC network so now you have BEP20 tokens and those can be accessed using for example Metamask.
Otherwise it would be lost for good as Solana coins issued on its own mainnet are not supported by Trezor.

In order to access your tokens you have to set custom network settings:

For more information, please see another manual: Get Started on Binance Smart Chain in 60 Seconds | Binance Blog

Thank you very much for your help, achieved. Hugs and kisses!

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