Snapshot Doesnt Work With Trezor

Why can’t Trezor be used to vote on This is incresibly frustrating as i missed out on an airdrop because of this.

Can someone please advise?

How do you mean Trezor should be “used to vote” then?

If you mean connecting to the site, it’s possible for Snapshot to use the public connect API for Trezor, to transfer coins & tokens between the site and Trezor. It’s also possible to use MFA/2FA verification with Trezor. Other than that there’s no interactivity between a 3rd party website and Trezor at the moment.

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He literally means you can’t cast votes on

Here’s a screenshot of the error:

Please keep in mind, if I use a regular Metamask account, not one tied to the Trezor it works just fine.

1 Like does have a login with trezor option. But it doesn’t allow me to select which ethereum count to vote with. This is probably more of a problem to take up with the folks at

@mtwij and @shawnsmith,

If Snapshot doesn’t support this vote function, there’s nothing to be done about it but wait for Snapshot to implement Trezor support - if they do it at all.