Simplestaking shows 0 balance

My Simplestaking adress where I had my Tezos is showing a Zero balance, has anyone has this issue? I can see the History, but with 0 balance

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Hi @ventuwill
I assume there is no unauthorized transaction making your balance to be zero, is that right?
Please contact SimpleStaking in this matter: [email protected]

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Not at all, plus the updates just stopped on June 21th and does now show anything coming in or out. Plus the wallet looks like its loading all the time and never does. tried in different computers too

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Hello Ventuwill,

Have you had any resolution using the simplestaking wallet? I am also having the same issue with this wallet.

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Same issue here!!! balance 0, August 11th the SimpleStaking graph drop to 0! I have my XTZ delegated, i can see them on chain, but the wallet is unresponsive. It is loadig all the time.! if you search the address in xtz scan you can see that the coins are there, but i cannot access them.

xtz problem|690x324

That mail is down. The void itself.

Anybody knows if i can import the wallet to Kukai with my Trezor seed words ? Is this secure? Is this can be grant the access of my funds? Plz Help.

MichalZ HI!

I have a big problem. I can’t access to my Tezos wallet - SimpleStaking Wallet. Balance show in 0 and a big dump in the graph of the wallet - but in tezos chain i clearly see my funds there and the staking rewards… i just can’t acces through SimpleStaking wallet. I tried to contact them but they seemed to not exist. This is very very frustrating. I dont know what to, dont know if its a firmware problem or if its 3rd party wallet. If its a 3rd party wallet, how can i make a new tezos wallet… it seems that only SStaking is compatible with Tezos model T. Plz Help.

I have a big problem now. SimpleStaking Tezos wallet is not working. Showing balance is 0 but in chain i have my funds. I can load my seed phrase in a web Tezos wallet to recover and handle my funds? Can i do that?

Today , October 3rd 2021 Simplestaking wallet works fine again. Sadly I’m moving all my XTZ Tezos to a new soft hot wallet like Exodus or TWT, because i do not trust any more in Simplestaking, not for the problems and glitchs that every platform in evolving may have, i’m leaving Simplestaking because of the LACK OF SUPPORT AND COMMUNITY RELATED. This means that you are completely alone if there is a problem, there is nobody on the other side. Just void and uncertainty. TREZOR, PLZ MAKE A NATIVE WALLET IN TREZOR SUITE. Until then, my tezos never will be in touch again with my Trezor Device.

I made a third party wallet [for Trezor] since I was also tired of Simple Staking.

Check out

I don’t believe Trezor has an official Telegram. Your coins may be at risk.

are you still using simplestaking wallet, the same issue started again and shows zero balance. Thank you

how does this work if I cant see my balance on simplestaking?

once again the Simplestaking wallet is showing zero balance and shows that Tezos node is not responding but all other wallets works great. Trezor needs to do something about this is you offer support for this wallet. Is there a way to move my Tezos from this wallet using my private keys, not sure what to do and it is very frustrating. have tried contacting Simplestaking and they are nowhere to be found.Please help and Thank you