Signing Error UTXOs

Heii Trezor Team,

I am testing sparrow wallet that uses taproot (P2TR) for bitcoin paired with trezor.

I am trying to send my funds out, unsuccessfully, and I always get the same error no matter if I am sending to an exchange that has taproot compatibility or to other wallets.

Error: Provided spent UTXOs length does not equal the number of transaction inputs.

From what I have been able to search, I am left with the idea that I just need to wait for firmware update.

Can you please help,

Thank you

Best regards

Hello, this error does not come from Trezor. It looks more like you will need to ask Sparrow Wallet devs to fix it.

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OK manny thanks matejcik.

I will be waitng for the solution on there side.

PS: is there anyway to get the funds out of that wallet. (can I use my revory seed to restore these funds on another wallets.

Much appreciated.

Why not use Trezor Suite? It supports p2tr just fine.

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