Sick of high ETH gas. Please support EIP1559 for Trezor Model One


I beg you, please support EIP1559 for Trezor Model One. I am sick of paying high ETH gas.

Community - if you read this post, please reply to show your support.

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come on devs, support EIP1559.

More info here for those that don’t understand EIP1559

If your wallet doesn’t support EIP 1559 it means that you can’t benefit from the more predictable transaction fees and refunds on Ethereum that the latest hard fork bought, it also means that some systems that do support EIP 1559 might either not play nice with your wallet or not work at all. This something that affects the average user and I would avoid using the Ethereum network until you do have EIP 1559 support. Google the Ethereum London hard fork for more info.

source: Trezor one latest update no eip 1559(trezor one model)-what this means for the average user : TREZOR (

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incredible its not been done yet, one of the leading hardware manufacturers, quite disappointing

FmanTcl, thanks for leaving a message.

Please get the devs involved by continuing to post your frustration on this thread.

Many thanks.

Yeah honestly EIP 1559 has been live for months and many dapps are starting to not support non EIP 1559 signatures. It is making everyone’s life quite difficult. For instance, I have some tokens/NFTs that I am unable to claim because Trezor One doesn’t support EIP 1559.

Hi @FmanTcl and @0xkowloon

EIP 1559 will be supported in the next FW release.

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I see the PR for supporting EIP1559 has been merged. Hooray :confetti_ball:

@matejcik can we get an ETA of when an official signed firmware will be released?

Thanks a lot.

Just spent an hour on a call with a dev from a small project where I have quite a large bag.
Turns out I can’t withdraw my tokens, compound my stake, unstake or do anything at all because I am using Meta Mask with a Trezor One and Trezor still doesn’t support EIP1559. Is there an ETA on this? My funds are basically locked until Trezor supports EIP1559. Crazy. Be your own bank they said. Use a hardware wallet they said.

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EIP-1559 for Trezor One will be included in next firmware update, which is currently scheduled for December 8th – that is, if everything goes right.


December 8th still looking accurate? I need EIP1559 support as much as the rest of these guys.

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Yes, it is part of the next firmware update which is suppose to be out tomorrow.


@dylan TREZOR talk dev

I updated to 1.10.4 firmware
I’m using MetaMask with a Trezor One

Now trying to interact with a staking contract and I get the same error message that I was getting prior to updating. (I quit chrome, unplugged the trezor, and reconnected already). Any ideas?

Staking.js:227 {code: -32602, message: ‘Invalid transaction params: params specify an EIP-…but the current network does not support EIP-1559’, stack: ‘{\n “code”: -32602,\n “message”: "Invalid transact…ogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn/background-0.js:1:323926’}

The new firmware does not support EIP1559. You can verify it with Etherscan -
Txn Type: 0 (Legacy)

Hi, it’s not supported, I have just tried after firmware update and it failed to execute the transaction. It is very disappointing…

It seems Trezor devs cannot deliver EIP1559 support, athough was promised. I am starting to regret I purchased Trezor instead of Ledger.

Now the ball is in Metamask’s court. They need to push an update that can make use of EIP-1559 on Trezor One

You can see it being discussed here.

When does this go live? It’s ironic that my choice to use a Trezor with MM for extra security has literally locked me out of my “bank account”. Trezor and MM both dropping the ball here.

I managed to overcome this problem. Use MM on Firefox, but instead of the last version you should download and use version 9.8.4. Note: everytime you log off, you need to downgrade your MM version to 9.8.4 as it keeps updating automatically.

@matejcik , this is not a response the community was waiting from you. Don’t blame MM for their updates, but rather work hard to help your customers.

@ManMonero ignore my previous suggestion. That does not work anymore after the update. I lost my patience and trust in trezor and ordering ledger. Almost 3 months of time and still no solution. Shame on you Trezor devs