Setting up a Trezor On MacOS but using across diff hardware

Hi all, I’m setting up my Trezor on MacOS but i’d like to use it across multiple different hardware devices and operating systems. When you setup your trezor, is it only compatible with the Hardware/Operating System that you initialize it with?

After you set up your trezor, it can be used on windows7 or above, Apple computers, linux systems and Android phones.
As long as these systems have installed the bridge software and can access the Internet.
with the right cable

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Actually Windows OS is supported from version 10 - version 7 is no longer supported.
Please check this link for more details:

i use win7 and my trezor works fine.

It may work, but since Windows 7 is an obsolete version, any potential connectivity issues should be troubleshot by using a supported setup first.

I see.
cryptee can not work on win7 . it works fine on win10