Setting up a pin for the 1st time

Hi I am a new user of Trezor. I have a trezor one and am in the middle of setting up a wallet and when I got to setting up a pin my computer only shows the 1st line of the numeric matrix. I cannot scroll down and therefore cant see numbers. Can I skip this and put pin in later or can I disconnect trezor and reset to this part without having to put in recovery seed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

can you post a screenshot?

No it wont allow me as the whole background is grey and the only white part is where its says create pin and show the top three boxes of the maxtrix

use web version here:

When I go into that it says Device detected in incorrect state. And already running

quit the Suite and then use web version.

If you still have the issue , open the ticket please:

Do I leave the trezor plugged in and just start again at that point

unplug it, quite suite and plug back in and use web version

OK Thanks for your help.