Set PIN with letters?

Setting PIN for Trezor i can only select from numbers not letters Help how do i switch from numbers to letters when entering PIN?

Hello im trying to set up the PIN on my new Trezor Safe 3 device but the Trezor only gives me the option to select the PIN from numbers not letters eg a, b, c, etc

How can i select letters instead of numbers when setting up the PIN on the Trezor Safe 3 please???

Also how do i switch between letters and numbers when creating the PIN and between numbers and letters???

Thanks for your help guys

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the PIN, short for Personal Identification Number, is a numeric code. You can’t use letters.

Maybe you’re thinking of the passphrase for a hidden wallet? But that is a separate feature.

PIN prevents your Trezor from unauthorized users, and is a part of your device configuration. If you were to recover your seed on another device, you don’t need the PIN to do it.

Passphrase extends your seed to create a new “hidden” wallet. If you recover the seed on another device, you still need the passphrase to get to the wallet. The passphrase cannot be bypassed if you lose it.

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