Serious Trezor Suite Transaction Bug

After update today January 20 2022 to latest Trezor Suite:

(Not actual quantities)
1- Had in wallet 100 XRP.
2- Created transaction to send 60 XRP, approved and submitted transaction, which was accepted by Suite.
3- Mysteriously, an error message appeared that Label was not valid ?! And, Transaction details remained on screen with active button to approve and submit.
4- Naively, I tried again approving and submitting the transaction, which again appeared to be accepted by Suite.
5- Same mysterious error message appeared.
6- Clicked Back out of the apparently pending transaction.
7- Screen now shows that out of an available 100 XRP, two transactions are being processed (confirmed) to send a total of 120 XRP

This sequence is serious bug requiring urgent attention at Trezor.
I require urgent attention to resolving this problem.

As it stands, the two transactions together, submitted only a few seconds apart, have the appearance of an attempt to defraud the XRP network, as it is similar to a well known form of crypto network attack.

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can you give us two confirmed transaction IDs that clearly show that the same amount was sent twice from the address?

If one failed or there was an error it will not be taken out of your wallet.


Now I see the both are “failed” for lack of a destination transaction tag.
BTW: I also submitted this as a bug (from Suite),
and submitted a ticket for it via support - Ticket ID: 121027

so nothing has actually left your wallet, you always have to use destination tag

if you submitted it, our developers will look at it

Thank you for helping me with this.