Sent un supported SOL token to Trezor and it was automatically sent to another address

Sent an supported FLUX token to Trezor and it was automatically sent to another address instead of being received by Trezor. I see the token on the address it was sent to on Solana explorer and it has my Trezor address as the owner. Questions is how do I get my tokens back??

Was this the FLUXB token? The exact same thing happened to my son yesterday. It was automatically sent somewhere yet it shows in the explorer that he’s the owner. I’m sure it has something to do with it being an SPL “Token 2022”. I hope somebody answers this for you. If you get help from Trezor support please let us know what they tell you.

Hi @ECook12 and @Phil,

First, I would like to put your mind at ease, the tokens were sent to associated address which is owned by your main SOL address. This is how the Solana network works. I can confirm that SPL token-22 standard (FLUXB for example) is not supported in Trezor Suite right now. However, it is supported in NuFi wallet which supports Trezor devices. Simply put, you can connect your Trezor to NuFi and you will see your FLUXB there.

Thanks for the info radekP. I appreciate it.

Are you able to assist me, I have recently been sending purchased SOL to my Trezor T. In my trezor suite it shows 17 transcations, 4 of them show as SOL & the amount of SOL purchased. The rest of the transactions show as ’ Unknown Transaction ’ But also show as complete when I open the transaction up & also go into the Inputs/Outputs in the details page of the transaction. How can I get the Trezor to show my full holding. It currently only shows the total for the 4 transactions that show up as SOL, but not the totals from the ‘Unknown Transactions’

Hi @BruceHop,

I’ve noticed that you’ve already opened a ticket with our official support. Please, check the latest reply from one of our agents with the explanation.