Sent my ETH to a ETC adress in my trezor wallet

Cant find my ETH coins in my trezor wallet because i sent it to the ETC adress. I watched the video “how to recover ETH sent to ETC adress” here on the trezor page. At step 4, there is not the right adress i used for the transaction with the amount of eth - in the video it is. Could anybody help me please? Thanks a lot!

Hi @Nik1

Do you select Ethereum Classic derivation path M/44’/61’/0’/0/0 when choosing the desired address (where you have previously sent your funds to) ?

Thanks for your answer!
Yes, i did. I selected the ETC derivation path, but i couldnt find the adress, where i wrongly sent my ETH.
Is it necessary to connect trezor in a special way with myetherwallet?

Is it possible/necessary to write down the ETC adress where i wrongly sent my ETH in any step?

you need to enter standard wallet (leave the passphrase empty when the popup appears) the address with balance will be first one.

Thank u so much, this was a full success: “Leave the passphrase empty…”
Thanks a lot,
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