Sent ETH to wallet without clicking Confirm on Trezor device

Hi - I was doing my first transfer from my Coinbase account to Trezor wallet. I generated an address in Trezor and sent the ETH to it from Coinbase, but did not realize I had to confirm the address on the Trezor device before sending. The ETH transfer went through on Coinbase, but did not complete to the Trezor wallet. Is there a way I can recover this?

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I can confirm that it was sent to the correct address as well.

Hi @firerasta89,

There is no need to hit the “Confirm” button. Important is to visually check if the address is really the same.

Please reach out to support via the chat speech bubble in the bottom right corner on the following page:

We’ll need you to provide the transaction ID and it is not wise to share it publicly here on the forum.