Sent BTC to Coinbase and the transaction shows 2 TX and I only received 1

Ticket ID: 122010

I’m at a loss. I was sending BTC from the Trezor to Coinbase, I confirmed the transaction and I received my 0.02 BTC in my Coinbase. A month later I log into my hardware wallet and there is two transactions for the same amount and same day and same time showing two different TX ids. I contacted Coinbase and they are telling me the second transaction isn’t a Coinbase wallet address. However when I check the blockchain the change spend address for both transactions is the same. How can the change address be the same but both accounts not be Coinbase accounts? So either I’m hacked and have a Trezor from Satoshi Labs with some new cloning software or Coinbase is lying. I’m missing 0.02 BTC and no answers. Anyone know about how change addresses work? Can the same change address be used for two TX ids and the receiving addresses not be associated ?

Did you check the correctness of the address on the trezor screen when you sent BTC?
Advanced malicious programs can cause the computer screen to display the address you want to send to, but actually send the hacker’s own address (but this address can be seen on the trezor screen).
Common malicious programs directly replace the address of your clipboard with the hacker’s own address.
So when transferring money, be sure to check carefully whether the address on the trezor screen is the same as the recharge address of the exchange!

I only pressed the confirmation button once or so I thought. I just dont see how it could have sent the same amount at the same time

change addresses belongs to you, not a receiver…

you cannot send one transaction twice, we will answer your ticket for more details.