Sent Bitcoin to the wrong address is there anyway that can help with matter..?

I Mistakenly sent Bitcoin to this address…(339sQsbyFM8ZNe3Vk86RWBvyL8Fo4KGeZc) … What do I need to do!!


can you be more specific? Where did you get this address? Whom did you try to send it to?

The address was the Bitcoin QR code on Bitmart

What other details do I need to give, to get this possibly resolved … Thanks

So the address you mentioned is the address from the Bitmart QR code if I understand correctly. The only possibility is to contact Bitmart and try to ask them to send it back. Once the transaction is signed and confirmed, there is no way how to revert it. Only the owner of private keys related to the address where the funds sit is able to move them.

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