Sent asset to my old trezor account on metamask

Guys please help i accidentally sent my assets to my old metamask account that is connected to my old trezor account that I’ve reseted because of forgotten pin. Now, how can i recovery my assets on my recent account. Is it possible i still have my trezor recovery seed of my recent account

you have to have your old trezor seed to do that

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Yes i have my old recovery seed. Is it possible if i reset my current trezor then recover my old trezor just to get my asset back to my new account. Then rest again to recover my new trezor wallet? Thanks for your response

first , where di you sent your coin ?
metamask wallet ? metamask trezor wallet ?

Metamask wallet connected on my old trezor

when mm connected to trezor
there are two wallets
one is generate by MM , one is from trezor
which one did you send ?

Generated by trezor wallet

this is possible

  1. use you recent trezor wallet on suite , copy the Receiving address
  2. recover your old trezor ,send coin to it

I have one problem i forgot my pin of my recent trezor and also is there a chance that my new trezor can be recovered again

pin for trezor does not matter . after you recover your trezor by seedword , you can reset pin ,
so first you recover your recent trezor , use suite for copying the Receiving address .


Oh thank youuuu for your info. I have another question. After i recover my asset and recent trezor can I recover my new or can i go back to my current trezor. Im just worried because a still have assets on my current trezor

let us call your old trezor trezor A ,your current trezor trezor B
wip trezor B will not affect the assets under the B seedword wallet, which is why after trezor is lost or damaged, the assets can be retrieved through seedword.
If you use a hidden wallet, make sure you remember the correct passphrase

Thank you so much for ypur help i appreciate it!!!

After you retrieve the assets in your trezor A, send them to trezor B, and restore trezor B. After starting normal use, please choose my answer as the solution.

So basically i can recover my trezor A then recover my assets and then recover again my trezor B using 24 recovery seed? I don’t use hidden wallet.

Using recovery phrase i just need to rest my trezor?

Also, how to use suite to find the receiving address im really sorry for so many questions just badly need help

If I guessed correctly, your assets should be eth tokens.
I suggest that trezor should be used with native applications at the beginning, which is a suite designed for trezor.
There are many options for eth in third-party wallets such as MM. If you first send the assets to the eth wallet of the suite, you can easily find this address when you connect to MM.
But if you use the eth address of a third-party wallet first, you may not be able to see this address on the suite. Or you can’t find this address when you switch to another wallet.

My asstes are on binance smart chain is it okay. It is okay?

I sent my asstes on an bsc network that is trezor generated address

I think after i recover my trezor A i will open my MM and then connect to my trezor A then chosen trezor 6 account where my assets sits then sent it again back to my Trezor B generated address

If you use bsc20, then you continue to use MM wallet.
Personally, I will never store eth assets on a chain other than erc20 in order to reduce transfer fees.

Is it different on bep20?

Sometimes it is very inconvenient. I only believe in each currency’s own main chain.