Sending Trezor T device from Germany to China

Hello everyone.
I am living in China, but the Trezor T device is with my mom in Germany. Is it safe to send this device to China via DHL?

Hi @Joerg,

I wouldn’t count on it. If the customs autothities open your package they may confiscate your Trezor device. China has blocked using Trezor Suite and the Trezor website too. See more here.

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Maybe @BtcLtc can provide some insight. But yes, customs can open packages sometimes.

You can use DHL to send your trezor to China.
you need use vpn and web suite in China.


When you declare at customs, if you write the truth, you may be rejected. Many customs in China do not allow Bitcoin hardware wallets to enter the country.

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Hi Petosiris,
you are right! Thanks for reconfirming my doubts.

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