Sending Tokens from Trezor

Hey guys, need your help! I currently set up a new Trezor and am very excited to use it. After sending my crypto to the address provided, everything came through without a problem. I wanted then to see what it would look like if I needed to sell something, so I then tried to send out to my MM the very tokens/coins I had just deposited. When I went to send the token/coin, I was asked to verify it on my Trezor device. I noticed on the second screen, it said 1000000000000000 WEI TKN UNKN with the contract address thereafter. Does this look right to you guys? Also, I thought the Trezor was also suppose to prompt me for my PIN which it did not…Thanks everyone and as always, stay safe out there!

as per answer in the ticket, this happens when the token is not recognized by our FW