Sending SOL from Binance to my Trezor T wallet

Hi all,

I’m trying to work out how I can transfer my SOLANA (SOL) to my Trezor T.

Im using Binance (Australia) exchange and struggling to work this out.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @NickBrown83

Solana (SOL) is not supported by Trezor firmware. Feel free to see the full list of supported tokens and coins from our website You will find the information which device and what applications support the particular cryptocurrency.

Thank you

Are there plans to support it in the future?

You are welcome. At the moment, we are in the process of setting up a new strategy for implementing new coins into Trezor. However, there is no ETA, or plan to integrate this coin, currently.

Hi Pavel,
You said that Solana (SOL) is not supported but i see it in the supported coins list (see attached)

So, when i try to send SOL from Binance i receive rejects + when i try to validate the address (received in Suite) on Solana explorer it says the address is not valid
Please help me to understand what is going on


it’s showing Sola Token (SOL) which is supported, but is something other than Solana AFAICT.

We are unfortunately not an authority on token symbols, so anyone can use SOL for their own token…


hello, can i ask why you dont support it? when will you support it? why should i bother owning a trezor with such lackluster future development going on? so disappointed with trezor, total let down, no eta??! why does it take so long to release new functionality with trezor? are you not concerned about losing market share to the many new hw wallets entering this space? with no timeline for future developments I am very surprised, i would of expected such an establish brand in the crypto space to be setting examples, not dragging their heels…:frowning:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Different companies have different approach to coin support, and what devices will support a particular coin.

We are constantly working on improving our product. At the moment, we are in the process of setting up a new strategy for implementing new coins into Trezor.

Please, be patient, our team will not be accepting any requests to add new cryptocurrencies until the process is finalized. Once this has been done, we will inform you through our public channels.

There is an exception to this rule which applies to the following groups of altcoins, which require minimal changes to add support for. You can help by following the relevant steps below:

  • Bitcoin clones should be added to the common/defs/bitcoin subdirectory as separate .json files
  • Ethereum networks should be added to the common/defs/ethereum/networks.json file
  • Ethereum tokens should be added to the ethereum-lists/tokens repository
  • NEM mosaics should be added to the common/defs/nem/nem_mosaics.json file

In case, the desired belongs to one of these groups, developers can submit a Pull Request on Github, and we will be happy to work on integration together.

More information available from Developers guide - Trezor Wiki

Plz consider adding Solana as a top priority. It’s the ethereum killer.

If you don’t know what solana is, plz watch this

And just recently Solana has been just going to the moon. It has great potential.

I also strongly urge that you add trezor support to the solana Phantom wallet

For which staking can be done from the Phantom wallet (it’s highly popular and akin to metamask but for the solana mainnet)

Sola is very misleading… SOL symbol should be Solana not Sola. Sola looks dead.

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Please don’t cross-post, @danger89.

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Sorry. I but I still think its misleading. I think you should revise the SOL symbol on your website.

I’m not an employee in SatoshiLabs, nor do I have anything to do with their website, but it’s not SatoshiLabs fault that many coins are named similar to other coins. SOL isn’t the only one which are confused with other coins with the same symbol. SatoshiLabs only list them as they implement support for them. It’s up to users to do their own research about the coins they want to store with a Trezor.

That said, you can ask here, in this forum, if you’re unsure about a coin or token. I’ve done that several times myself. It’s better to ask one time too much than one time too little. And you are right that the listings perhaps could be more clear to avoid confusion about coins with similar names and same symbols. It’s a priority issue, I guess. If they did that now, other things would have to wait and then other Trezor users would complain that their pet issue gets pushed back.


Can Trezor reply to this comment?
Before I bought the Trezor I’ve check this list. Now that I have it I can’t.
Why don’t you just remove the coin from the list?
This is a bad move.

It has already been answered in the thread before:

There is no point of removing the coin from the list as it is supported.
It clearly says Sola Token and there is also stated that it is ERC20 token unlike Solana that has its own mainnet.

And also as mentioned already:
We are not an authority on token symbols so anyone can use SOL for their own token.
thank you for understanding.

Note: It is suggested to always do your own research and doublecheck for example here on the Forum if desired token is supported or not before any action.

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Hello! I’ve been using my Trezor T for over a year.

I understand SatoshiLabs had set the strategy of developing its own wallet suite and is focusing its developing capacity to implement support on it for all blockchains and networks that its web wallet and its firmwares support, in priority over developing on its firmware support for existing wallets of new blockchains.

I’d like to humbly express that I disagree with this strategy. I believe it’s better to reuse existing software than to develop new ones. It costs less to implement support for multiple wallets that are being developed by multiple independent groups, most of them open source.

That’s specially important on the Security matter. When it’s found a security issue on an independent open source wallet, anybody may contribute with a fix to it. But when it’s found an issue on a software that’s used only by Trezor owners, only us or SatoshiLabs will be able to fix it. I don’t see this as being our (Trezor owners) best interest.

And also this porting to the new suit has been taking too long. Cryptocurrency market is evolving fast with thousands of developers working on many new blockchain networks, and we’re getting behind on support for these latest ones.