Sending Legacy format BTC to Trezor

Can Trezor Model T accept BTC from if they only send BTC in the P2SH or P2PKH address format? I am thinking of buying some BTC from However, their website says that they do not support Bach32 (native SegWit) addresses. Their wallet is only compatible with P2SH or P2PKH addresses. I just to want to buy from Localcrypto and then be unable to send it to my Trezor model T wallet address. Will Trezor model T accept BTC from an address with these restrictions? Thanks

Hi @Reddevon,

Yes. You can add these legacy accounts to your Trezor wallet and then create Receive addresses for them afterwards.

How can I accept BTC from Robinhood into my Trezor Model T. I believe it only sends in Legacy

Hi @mby424,

See if the above post can help you?

Yes, this makes sense now. Thank you!

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