Sending from one CoinJoin Wallet in Trezor Suite to my other HIDDEN PASSPHRASE CoinJoin Wallet

So I have COINJED BTC in my Trezor Suite which are 100% PRIVATE in Wallet1.
I decided to now use a PASSPHRASE to create a HIDDEN WALLET. Named W2.
I want to move my CJ BTC from W1 to W2.
I added a COINJOIN account in W2 and sent some of my smaller CJ BTC from W1 received by 2 separate CJ addresses in the W2. Before sending, I consolidated them (using COIN CONTROL) by manually bundling 6 UTXOs per send (they were smaller amounts).
Now I have the larger UTXOs left in W1 in the CoinJoin account.
I was going to send them one at a time from W1 CJ account to W2 CJ account.

Coupla questions:

  1. when I sent over the 2 I have already done, it comes over to the W2 CJ account classified as ‘NOT PRIVATE’ (as expected) - as opposed to the CJ account in W1 which showed it before it was sent as ‘PRIVATE’. Do you think I need to CJ them again? Or do you think it’s still just as anonymous as before (other than consolidating the 6 UTXOs into one address now x2 sends)
  2. When using COIN CONTROL during a SEND from a CJ account it gives you this notice: PRIVACY AT LEAST 5

    For my 10 remaining larger UTXOs, should I bundle them in 2 sends of 5 UTXOs each? Or does it preserve better anonymity if I send all 10 separately (I don’t care about the $5-$10 sending fee)
    NOTE: when I send, I SEND MAX so there are no change UTXOs coming back.