Sending coins to a wrong address

No it’s fine I worked it out. I sent the money to my Trezor lock and its in the nuclear bunker.

But honestly for Trezors business sake really start to up the friendly user interface game.

Like that Etheruem not showing up…come on…get it patched up.

Going through Trust Pilot, 50/50 results.

People out there are falling down blackholes with simple mistakes, wiping wallets out, losing crytpo by sending on wrong blockchain, losing crypto with software update (which should bypass user interaction), and there aren’t many safety grids stopping those disasters with Trezor. And you guys are getting floored on the reviews. There should be no way that Trezor can risk your funds with human error. There should be a built in function to prevent this but Trezor throws it by the wayside.

Misuse your Trezor and your in big f*ckin trouble and you can say…hey maybe people shouldn’t be so stupid and read instructions better…but people are people and there’s a lot of dry stale technical jargon in those manuals. Even looking at the community support, all technical terms and jargon. Sorry but the majority of people aren’t computer tech geeks and are susceptible to make simple errors with huge implications which Trezor is full of. The masses are simple.

The seed is a great idea but people should have an option to create a backup seed or questionnaire or something to get in that only they can know and its putting a lot of people off crytpo with these bad stories.

Your pioneers of cryptocurrency and you should be making it in a way the farmer can use it with simplicity and attract people to it but when people read or experience losing their life savings or money they can’t afford your really damaging the transition from State owned oligarchy to anarchic finance. And that starts with making things in a way that people can understand even down to basic simple instructions like I gave (at least I hope I did) not technical jargon or even a simple notification “Beware if you do the following action the following…”.

I understand you crypto people are geeks and are not very conducive to social intelligence as you are at making a computer out of a corn flake box but that’s why your product is getting blitzed on the review boards because you don’t know how to interact with Jack and Gill. No offense but that’s the way it is. Mark Zuckerberg prime example. Running a social media site which is the antithesis of social which is why FB is the way it is. A geek running a social media site…the irony.

Trezor is a gun loaded and you guys are giving it to the kids.

Anyway that’s my rant and my apologies but gotta be said.

Trezor company is not a bank, we hold no control over your accounts, nor have we an access to it. There is no other backup of it other than that which you created when you initialized your device. We do not store any information about the seeds or activity of our users. In other words, the responsibility to keep your recovery seed safe, isolated and never exposed online (especially in the direct order) falls exclusively and entirely on the individual users.

Not at all. Trezor is a storage. It’s a tool, just like any other invention - the Internet for example. By using the Internet you can gain a lot but lose everything.

Having an absolute control over your funds is freedom and responsibility bond together. If anyone cannot take both, they had better be relying on hot wallets and hope their funds are safe.

All we can do is to educate users which we do, see our Wiki, blog, and this forum. It’s a never ending process. We take security really seriously but users must do exactly the same.

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