Send wrong tokens from Metamask to Trezor ¿Can i recover it?

Hello, so I send $ICE tokens from my metamask wallet to my Trezor. Problem was I didn’t realize that I sent $ICE from Avalanche network. I have to idea how to recover them (if possible)

Any idea? Thank you very much. Here’s the tx:

Hi @Juroga I couldn’t find the transaction hash on Avalanche explorer. Could you send me a link to blockchain where I can review the tx details? However, if you used a receiving address of a different coin type, I can only suggest contacting a team standing behind one of these coins to help you recover the tokens. Also, please note that if it requires your seed to be exposed, do so only after transferring your remaining funds elsewhere. Exposing a seed online should be done only in emergency situations.

Hello NIYAK, I’ve solve it, thank you very much for replying! have a nice day

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Great news, I am happy to read that!