Send sats from exchange to Taproot account


I tried to send sats from an exchange to my Trezor Taproot account. While it did not work I asked the exchange with following answer:

“We just double checked your case and the only solution that we came up with, is that the QR Code you are scanning transmits more information than what we can read in the App.”

They said that sending sats to a Taproot account is usually not a problem.

Anyone have any ideal what I can do?

Thanks in advance

hi @pangpui

What exchange do you use? Some exchanges don’t support it yet…
Also, can you try to just copy and paste the address and don’t use QR code ?



I have some sats on Relai. I tried to input the taproot address manually as well but did not work.

I tried a native segwit address and it worked so I’m wondering if it could be something with taproot address?

Furthermore, I have moved sats my from Trezor segwit native account to Trezor Taproot account - no problem!

The problem is when I try to move sats from Relai till Trezor Taproot account.

…as mentioned, Relai confirmed that it is possible to send sats from Relai to a Taproot account.