Send MATIC and FTM to ERC20 ETH Wallet on Trezor - But its on Mainnet. How to recover?

Hello, i have transfered some MATIC and FTM to Trezor Wallet to the ERC20 Wallet.

Unfortunately it not arrived and stucked in different Chain.

How can i get the Private Key from Trezor ETH to recover them ?

Hi @Andymandy,

Not sure why you need your private key in this instance? If you sent the coins through a different network than Ethereum, and they’re stuck there, then it won’t help to reset and recover your Trezor wallet.

What chain/network did you use in the transfers?

Origin MATIC and origin FTM Chain.

They are not lost, they are on their own chain and i can get them recovered with the private key of my ETH Wallet

Are you talking about a private key on an online website called Origin or the private key on your Trezor?
I’m not familiar with Origin chain. Do you have a link to this site?

Okay, i will try to explain like this:

FTM stuck here: Address 0x0C0cc4015975114A89DDe2F50f4A332A99B15Cc5 | FtmScan
MATIC stuck here: Address 0x0C0cc4015975114A89DDe2F50f4A332A99B15Cc5 | PolygonScan

I just have access through Trezor to my ETC ERC20 Wallet. I need now the access to FTM and MATIC Chain.
On my research i found that i can recover them with the private key from my ETH Wallet which holds Trezor

Address for ERC20 Coins:

Here the Coins should be now, but they aren’t

I’m confused. You mention ETC. Know that ETC is not the same as ETH.
Please open a ticket, using this form: and then post your Ticket ID here, in this forum thread.

I am sorry - I mean ETH

Is there no way to get the private Keys from ETH Wallet ?

If you mean to send your private keys from Trezor, no. But, as I said above, open a ticket and post your Ticket ID here please.

I see it can take up to 20 days fo get an answer from them… Seems like i buyed shit on amazon. Will send the wallet back and get back to safer cold storage wallet.

If you post your ticket ID here they’ll prioritize your issue and it may be solved sooner. I don’t think it’s anything wrong with your Trezor.