Send Bitcoin from Jaxx Wallet to Trezor´s wallet

Hi everyone,

I have just gotten my Trezor model T and I would like to transfer the Bitcoins I have on my Jaxx Liberty wallet to my new trezor. But when I paste Trezor´s bitcoin address into Jaxx, it says “invalid address”. Any clue why? Is it beacuse Jaxx doesn´t support segwit addresses? If that´s the case, what should I do to make the transfer happen?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Will,
if Jaxx does not support the Native Segwit addresses (“bc1”), you can use a different address type.
In Trezor Suite, to open a new account, click on the “+” sign in the top-left corner. Then you can open a different BTC account, such as Segwit or Legacy:

Hey @NIYAK thank you so much for your help!

It seems jaxx doesn´t support native segwit addresses, so your solution was spot on. I have another question if you don´t mind, once i create a legacy account and transfer my bitcoin from jaxx to it, Can I send those bitcoins to my Trezor´s bech32 address?

@Will Sure thing, you can transfer coins from Legacy to any BTC address type and vice versa.

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