Sell coin via Banxa

I sold BTC directly from Trezor to Banxa a month ago. The transaction took a few days, then it went through. According to info from Banxa, the transaction ends after 60 min. So I gave them the documents for the transaction and from 22.4. no one answered.

Thanks for the warning…
This is why I don’t have much to do with BTC. The speed is sooo slow, unless you pay big money for the transaction.

But when I’ve used swap exchanges in the past, there always seems to be a countdown of about 2 hours to get the funds to them… this can be quite an issue with BTC.

I’ve often wondered what happens if the funds are sent on the blockchain, but don’t arrive in time… sounds like they are gone…

Hi @Otmar123,

Please reach out to support via the chat speech bubble in the bottom right corner on the following page:

Once you will get your ticket number let me know here. One of our agents will check the details of your trade

Hi @doge,

The funds are not gone. If the funds are received later and the exchange rate is no longer guaranteed by the exchange, the funds are returned to the address provided by the sender.

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Thanks, didn’t know that.