Selecting the Correct Account when Connecting Trezor to MetaMask

Hi Team! I am trying to secure my BEP-20 tokens which are in my MetaMask by connecting my Trezor One hardware wallet to MM but during the process, after I allow the extension bridge by clicking the allow button, I get a little lost. I’m operating on the BSC in MM.

From what I understand in order to proceed you need to “Export public key of Ethereum account #1” by clicking the export button and then select an account to view on MetaMask and unlock it. However they are all ETH accounts (which I assume are referring to my Trezor accounts for various coins/tokens) but I also know that Trezor does not currently support BSC in the suite interface. That’s where I freeze up and don’t know where to go.

What account do I select to view and unlock? Does it matter which one?
After doing this successfully, should I then expect to see the my BEP-20 tokens already in my Trezor connected MM? I’ve already added the tokens in MM so my expectation would be yes.

The eth receiving address can also be used as the bnb receiving address of the bsc chain.