Seed words possibly compromised (but not the PIN)

Hi. My first post, so please be gentle :wink:!
I think my 24 seed words may have been compromised. My PIN is safe though (and I’ve just changed it). If someone tries to access my wallet but they don’t have my PIN, will they be able to withdraw my crypro?
And what can I do about the seed words - can I change them?


If your recovery/seed words have been compromised the “attacker” does not need the trezor device for anything he can restore your funds in another software wallet and move the funds.
unless you a have a passphrase with the wallet in issue

If recovery/seed words are compromised you should move the funds out into a new wallet wipe your device and start with a fresh creation of recovery/seed words.
Then move your funds back into Trezor.


Please check:
Recovery seed (general explanation)



Thank you very much :wink:

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