Seed Recovery Check


Need help regarding seed recovery check on Model T. It’s just not working anymore, I still used it back then when I first updated to a new firmware, not it just doesn’t. I can’t enter the word of my seed phrase as the suggested word to be selected is different from it and there’s no option for another word. After selecting 3 letters, the only word shown is different from mine.

Hi @Dane

Please note that the words of your recovery seed are drawn from a finite list,thus your device can predict the word and offer you a suggestion. To confirm, tap the tile with the suggested word in the top-right corner of the touchscreen.

Please have a look at commonly misspelled recovery seed words:


I have a similar issue as Dane, unless I am just not intuitive enough. I wanted to test my seed phrase before doing the firmware update. I began the process and chose the correct number of words for my phrase and then was sent to enter the first word of the seed phrase I have. When I clicked on the box of three letters containing the first letter of my first recovery word, the device entered the first letter of the three shown which is not the first letter of the word I wanted to enter. How do I move to the letter I need? I have tried several things and I am always stuck on the first letter of three, when I need the third letter of three to begin. Thank you for your help.

If I understand you correctly, you need to tap the same key three times. e.g. If you need the letter ‘c’, tapping the ‘abc’ button three times will bring you to the letter c. It’s similar to how older mobile phones would be able to send an SMS.

See in the second half of this video where the second word starts with the letter ‘l’ and requires two taps of the ‘klm’ button.

That’s right, as sime has already mentioned, you have to type the same key multiple times:

As an example, to type the word “best”, you would need to:

  • Tap the “abc” tile two times to enter the letter B
  • Tap the “def” tile two times to enter the letter E
  • Tap the “stu” tile once to enter the letter S
  • Tap the “stu” tile two times to enter the letter T